• SAVE MONEY: No need to keep buying special massagers or a special bed or chair, because you can get relief in just a few visits. So you can tackle all the home projects. So you won't have to take as many sick days, and will get the promotion because you feel good and can be relied on. 
  • SAVE TIME: When you feel 100% from a complete recovery everything is easier, grocery shopping, cooking , even just getting everyone to their soccer games or finishing your to-do list is easier and faster.
  • FAST RECOVERY:  At Stronglife it only takes a few visits for full recovery, so you can avoid 12 months of physical therapy, and months of downtime from surgery. 
  • IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: Feel more motivated without pain, so you can play with the kids, meet up with friends after work, or go on a hike as a family! You can be the nice, happy, boss that is a team player.
  • PAIN-FREE LIFE: At Stronglife you can let go of the worry that you'll be in pain forever, because we can help you be independent. You can go on vacation without worry of needing a special bed, and feel more vibrant, capable, confident, and more sure-footed.
  • BE MORE COMFORTABLE: You can be on your feet all day long no problem!  You can get excited to go shopping or sightseeing, or walk up the canyon, or have a BBQ and not feel exhausted by dinner. 
  • LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE: Without pain, you'll feel confident to exercise and you won't start gaining weight, with all the issues that come along with it. You'll feel capable to pick up the kids, ride a bike, walk the dog, or ski again.
  • BE MORE CONFIDENT: You can take care of yourself,  your body is strong and able to do yard work, move furniture or put in a full and productive day of work.  Be the envy among your friends because old age hasn’t taken it's toll on you!

Revolutionary New Physical Therapy Treatments

Available Right Here in Provo, Orem
can make all the difference in your recovery

Get rid of the electric tingling pain from neuropathy, regain natural feeling and balance, feel confident on your feet again.

Heal your plantar fasciitis pain for good, so you can conquer the day and wear whatever shoes you want & go barefoot again.

Cure Erectile Dysfunction without pills or surgery, so you can get close naturally again without any anxiety. even when Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra have failed.

Keep training and Keep Working, go Further and Do more, without Repetitive injury Benching You

Relieve back pain so you can feel capable and strong again, so you can bend, reach, carry heavy stuff and breath deeply again.

Eliminate headaches from TMJ, neck and upper back pain so you Can focus and have the energy to be there for your family and get your work DONE like a boss!

Get excited about intimacy again, regain natural feeling and intensity, and be closer to your sweetheart like you were before having kids.

Enjoy full range of mobility Without sharp pain And pulling with our softening technology. From Shoulder, knee, Or Cesarean surgery, Even If it's An old injury.

What Are You Waiting For?
What Are You Waiting For?
  • FREE Consult With The Doctor: Come in to our Provo location for a no-obligation, no pressure, FREE consultation with Dr. AJ Ludlow. 
  • Learn About Cutting-Edge Options: At this 15 minute consultation, you'll learn more about the kind of revolutionary physical therapy at Stronglife that goes above and beyond anything you've experienced.
  • Get Elite Access: You will have acces to treatments to finally heal your pain that were once only available outside of the USA. We provide care that surpass other physical therapy treatments available anywhere in Utah.
Whether you have a recent injury or you’ve had pain for years,​ ​our expert physical therapist in Provo can help … even if you’ve tried other forms of treatment!
  • We provide one-on-one care with a kind & patient Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • ​We use highly effective hands on techniques and use cutting edge technology   
  • ​​You won’t waste your time laying on hot or cold packs at our clinic, or doing exercises ​you could do on your own 
  • ​You won’t be handed off to techs or assistants 
  • ​You won’t receive treatment from someone juggling multiple patients at the same time
  • ​Your care will never be influenced by what an insurance company will cover 
  • ​We will never tell you to “just rest and take pain meds.” 
At Stronglife Physiotherapy, you have the full attention of your Doctor who is focused on one thing:
​Getting you back to the activities and lifestyle you love, without pain and limitation